Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday's Quotable Quote is from The Lumatere Chronicles

Quotable Thursdays is a bookish meme hosted by Mo_Books, where you share a great quote or two from any book and explain why you chose it. (Make sure when choosing your quote, it's one that does share anything that will spoil the story for others)

Let's do it!!!!

My Quotable Quote for Thursday January 23rd comes from:

Quintana of Charyn
By: Melina Marchetta
The 3rd and final book in The Lumatere Chronicles

Quotable Quote:

"She placed her head back against his chest, and he felt her tears. 'This is not out time.'
'But that will never mean I love you less,' he said."

I chose this quote because it was said by two, very special characters. I don't want to say any names for those of you who have read the trilogy yet. 

I chose this quote but I'm not sure if I like this it. It is sad and makes me ache for the two lovers. What I do like is that it shows the strength of their love and passion for one another, so when separated they will always know that love is there no matter how bad the timing is. 

Just to throw this in here since I'm quoting from this book, The Lumatere Chronicles is such a beautiful High Fantasy that reads a whole lot like a realistic historical fiction, LOL! If that makes any sense at all. I'd HIGHLY recommend this trilogy to everyone! EVERYONE!!!

Check out my reviews for all 3 books here:

I hope you all enjoyed today's Quotable Thursday and hopefully you'll like to share your quote with us today too!
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  1. Sounds like an emotional story. I like the quote, it sounds like a teary moment. I didn't post a QT today I had a release day post instead but I will have one for next week. I will try and figure out the Linky thing too so we can cross post :-D

    1. That would be awesome! I'll have to check out what release day post your talking about :)
      Til next time!


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