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Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish that features a new topic each week where we have to put down our top ten of it.

Today's  Top Ten Topic:

World's we'd never want to live in or Character's we wouldn't want to trade places with:

In no particular order:

By: Veronica Roth

A world divided by factions. Which none of the factions seem all that great to live by, especially Dauntless. I'll pass.

The Hunger Games
By: Suzanne Collins

A world divided by districts, where names of children and teens are drawn to go into the annual Hunger Games to fight til the death to become the last one standing and champion of the Hunger Games.


By: Pierce Brown

Being lied to by a corrupt government, used like slaves,
Hot, stinky and exhausted all day everyday....UUUGGGGHH

(Currently Reading and totally captivated by it!!! READ IT)

By: Susan Ee

Angel apocalypse!!! Our world destroyed and run by angels. Not the typical angels we grown to know either. These are warrior angels sent here to F things up. The streets are filled with gangs and scavengers that will scalp you just for a candy bar. Nope! Don't want to live in this world, PASS!!! (I don't care how gorgeous some of the angels are!!!)

By: Chuck Palahniuk

Living in hell where there's mountains of toenail clippings and lakes of saliva!!??!!

Keep me far away from hell please! LOL!!

By: China Miéville

It's like London on the flip side. Like an Alice and Wonderland type of London, with carnivorous Giraffe's that roam the streets, trash bins that attack and how about garbage as your pet instead of a dog or cat?! NO THANKS! Deeba, the secondary character/sidekick to Zanna, the main character, is one tough cookie! I'd definitely never want to trade places with her. She's got a lot on her plate

By: Melina Marchetta

Quintana is definitely a character that I would NEVER want to trade places with!! She has it rough from DAY 1 and she's a princess. You'd think she'd be pampered and protected, not this girl. She's beaten, taken advantage of, used just for sex, and insulted everyday by the people of her land.  I've never felt so sorry for a character as much as I did poor Quintana.

By: Chuck Palahniuk

I wouldn't trade places with the narrator or Tyler Durden or whoever he is. All day he risks his life fighting people and doing these outrageous tasks that involve, blowing things up, breaking and entering, and building an army of mindless f**ks!

By: J.R.R. Tolkien

I absolutely have no desire at all to trade places with Frodo Baggins! NO WAY! This poor hobbit has the unruly task of taking The Ring to the fires of Mordor and destroying it. In order to do so he must embark on a grueling journey where he encounters a SHIT TON of horrifying obstacles. Including armies of godawful Orcs, ghastly ghosts of the undead, and a hideous, dreadful creature named Gollum.

By: Garth Nix

Last but least, there's Sabriel. I would never want to trade places with this young gal who has the job of a Necromancer. She must lay the dead to rest. EEEEKKKK!
Encountering evil evil creatures along the way.

Sorry Sabriel. You can keep your job!

Those were some tough decisions to make! I've read a lot of books where I would
never want to live not even visit!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
Til Then 


  1. Great list! The Hunger Games and Divergent made my list too.
    Here is My Top 10 Tuesday

    1. Thanks for check out my list! I'll be sure to stop by yours ;)

  2. I agree...most post-apocalyptic/dystopian worlds are a no-go for me. :) And you've made me want to start the Lumateer Chronicles even more than I wanted to be before. That sounds bad, but I'm very intrigued by Quintana's character now. Great list!

    1. OMG! Please please please read that trilogy! Melina Marchetta's writing is amazing, beautiful and humorous! The Lumatere Chronicles is a high fantasy that reads like realism. Like a historical fiction. It will suck you in completely and want to read each book, back to back! I have a complete review for the trilogy right here~~
      It is amazing girl! xoxo ♥

  3. I've totally agree with Divergent, the hunger games and Tyler's crazy mind in Fight Club. I've never read the other books on your list but Red Rising sounds good. Thanks for stopping by my TTT :-D

    1. OMG girl! I'm currently reading Red Rising right now and it is so freakin' INTENSE! I'm balling my eyes out, I had to take a break and breathe LOL!!! You should definitely check it out!


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